Sunday, November 22, 2015

Galway All The Way

This weekend I took a bus trip to Galway, Ireland for a day filled of shopping, sightseeing and exploring.  The towns that I passed through to get to my destination were beautiful!  Many of the towns had old stone work and luscious green fields.

Once in the city of Galway, I explored the different shops and culture of the Eyre Square.  Eyre Square is the heart of Galway where people enjoy shopping, street music, and special events such as the Christmas Market.  Galway has amazing shopping and a variety of stores that offer quality items for low prices.  If you are also looking for items that are handmade in Ireland, it is the place to look. I found some wonderful handmade wool items that were made in different counties within Ireland. The pictures I took and items I bought will allow me to keep those memories of visiting this beautiful city.

You can also see a variety of street music such as singers and people playing traditional Irish music.  I had the opportunity to listen to a groups of singers called The A Capella Knights that were singing Christmas carols on the street.  I also saw many people playing traditional Irish instruments and music.  My first and last stop on my adventure through Galway was the traditional Christmas Market.  The Christmas Market had vendors that sold food, candy, handmade crafts, and jewelry.  The atmosphere of the market and city was unique.  It is a place worth visiting and spending a couple of days exploring.

In the first two pictures below you will see the Eyre Square and the shopping center of Galway.  The last two pictures are of the small Christmas Market that is set up several weeks before Christmas.  Keep following to see more of my adventures and the things I will be exploring in the next week!

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